Please help in starting zbnf

I am one of the farmers from East Godavari district, Andhra. Pradesh. where the main crop is rice in both the seasons and irrigation is done by Godavari canal water. We are very interested and would like to switch over to ZBNF but we doubt whether it would work out or not because of some of the factors
1)  We are having 2 acres of land which is surrounded by other farmers fields  where they practice chemical farming only

2)    Flooding is common in those fields and most of the times during rainy season water flow in and out to the neighbor fields. It is very difficult to seclude neighbors fields in water management

3)  There is no scope of changing type of crop except rice in both the seasons because all the neighbors would grow up rice only. Seldom Black gram and green gram.

Please tell us what are the measures we should take to switch over to ZBNF. We are desperate to use the method.understand that this is the situation of most of the farmers in our region who want to use ZBNF Method?
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You can use Azolla Pinnata (locally known as antar gange) before puddling the field leave azolla about 1 month earlier and have 6 inch water. when it covers entire field you can puddle.
After transplanting rice leave azolla again, it will fix nitrogen as well as suppress weeds. Use Jeevamritha to control blast, blight etc.

see this video in Telugu