Please comment and advise me hi

Dear all senior guru,
I am going to start vegetable farming in 1.5 acres land (six different small land). In jharkhand .

Today only I made a water tank for jeevamrit and other type amrit for my crops and land.
My farm size is
Land size is below
1st (68’ east-west by 58’ north-south)
2nd (north -south100’ by 79’eaat -west )
3rd (north -south 113’by 50’ east-west)
4th (north -south450’ by east-weast 69’)
5th (east -west132’ by 105’ north -south)
6th (east-west55’ by 100’north-south).
I had ordered seeds as following
1- lady finger -भिंडी 100gm
2-beans 100gm
3-Spinach 100 gm
4-coriander धनिया 100gm
5-biitter gourd करेला 100gm
6-baigan-बैगन 100gm
7-mirchi मिर्ची 100gm
8-kohra -कोहड़ा 10gm
9-lauki - लौकी 100gm
10-ghiya 100gm
11- tomato टमाटर 10 gm
Many types
12- marunga सहजन 100 gm
13- Beetroot 100gm
14- marigold -गेंदा फूल 1 g.m
15-please tell me more seeds which can grow with these all seeds or without these seeds.

I will grow all seedling in tray and transplant later into farm.
My queries are below
1- how much cocopeat, soil, perlite or other things I should mix for seeding tray to grow plants by seeds.

Please tell me other items name with proportion or ratio…So that I can prepare my filler, soil for seedling tray.

2- as you are seeing I have six plot .Please guide me in making bed of different size and type and style so that I can go for all type of bed as experimental round .
I am very new and this is my firSt farming without any practical work or knowledge of agriculture.
3-as you all are advance level farmers please tell me 5 -10 tips on my situation and availability of land, seeds, and temperature (39° today and will cross 42-45 within 15 days

I am going to do only organic farming without any chemical …I am using deshi seeds and can try hybrid seeds with cow based dung urine and old traditional indian deshi way.

4- if you have any deshi seeds of any type of vegetables, medicinal seeds, fruites, herbal seeds you can share with me.
I will grow.

From next round I will save seeds and distribute to all interested farmers who will grow deshi seeds as free gift.
You all can either sell me your deshi seeds in 100gm quantity , or provide me free .
This way deshi seeds will save and survive in our country.

I had asked more than 50 sellers mainly all said hybrid seeds or costly deshi seeds (in numbers.)
You all guru can help me un my experiment in my farming journey by every way

bed making
Deshi tips
Organic knowledge
Farm soil preparation
Farm water irrigation
Farm weed remover
Cover by mulch or mulching
Dung uses raw or old or as compost or any way
Cow urine uses with and without other things
Bed making
Farm fencing by bamboo, live plants, wire or other type
Compost making, all different types
And as you wish

I have too many information but all bookish
So please guide, suggest, advise me in practical way by your all practical experience .