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** The list plants

 Vaagai          -1.5 feet         -Rs.23

 Sorgam         -2feet             -Rs.25

 Neermaruthu -3feet             -Rs.30

 Karumaruthu  -1.5feet          -Rs.23

 Yetti                -Above 3feet -Rs.30

 Poomaruthu   -1feet              -Rs.20

 Magila             -1feet              -Rs.20

 Vengai             -2feet              -Rs.25

White Kadambu - 1feet -Rs.20

Yellow kadambu -1 feet -Rs.20

Iyal vaagai -1 feet -Rs.20

Mahogany -2feet -Rs.25

African Mahogany -1feet -Rs.20

Red sandal -1.5 feet -Rs.23

Senbagam flower tree -2 feet -Rs.25

Thanirkai Flower tree 1feet -Rs.20

Thalichander Flower tree -1feet -Rs.20

White guava -2feet -Rs.25

Pomegranate -Less than 1 feet-Rs.18

Wood apple -half feet -Rs.18

Insulin herbal -Half feet -Rs.18.

POONAI MEESAI plant to disoslve kidney stones and Vallarai plants available.

MINIMUM 200plants SHOULD PURCHASE,it will be delivered to your
address immediately.

Indian origin Red aloe vera

medicinal plant is available.It is Rs.700 per

plant.Minimum 5 plants should purchase.It helps in the

reprodcution of new cells and prevents ageing.

If we eat 144 days continuously no disease will

occur which has been said in myth.This is indian

origin red aloe vera it is not bitter in taste and no smell.

Outer is green and inside when we cut red gel

wil come out.

If interested please call
-9543455978 or

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