Planting of Trees - ideas needed

hey guys, we have some open space around our factory, so thinking to plant some tress. So, guys please give your suggestion for trees that can mature in 2-3 yrs with good return, so i can make some extra income along with making environment clean, green and having shades.

Dear sir
You should be clear what do you want money or environment.In case you want money plant liquorice in the vacant space.The liquorice(mulahathi)will mature in 2 years and provide you good money.No worthwhile tree can give you return in 2-3 years.In case you are interested in environment plant varun,amla,bael,bahera,sinduri etc so that people remember you after you have left your organisation.

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Thank you Sir,
Kindly Mail us the details of the availability of  seed /Seedlings.If any Farm is there near to Hyderabad,I want to Visit that Farm to Know More sir.
I am very much interested in Planting liquorice in my Field.Kindly Help in this Regard Sir.

Thank you With Regards,
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