Planning to start vegetable & fruits cultivation in 5 acre Organic

planning to start organic farming in 5 acre, which crops to choose , 24 hours water available,

1 Visit you  market place and understand the demand or requirement
2.Please do not grow mono crop in full 5 acres.
3.Go for Subhash Palekar’s methods
4.There is huge demand for organic vegetables.
5. Organic vegetables tastes good and lasts long,
6. You can grow 15-20 vegetable and few greens and sell directly to apartment complexes.

Mr.Krishna Prasad has mentioned the right things. Mr.Subhash Palekarji’s Model of farming is the best in all means i.e economiacally, qualitywise, yieldwise. If you the patients to invest and wait you can go with  5 layer model of Shri Subhash Palekar’s.