Planning to get into Protected Cultivation (Poly house cultivation).!

Hello forum members,

Being new member here, And in a plan to getting into poly house cultivation, I need expert opinions, advices etc.,

Can you tag me in the threads which you already posted regarding this. Kindly do the needful.


Dear Sri Mathan,

welcome to the forum, and best wishes for your entry into polyhouse cultivation.

As a old farmer and forum member, i advise to present your questions on polyhouse cultivation, and I assure you that some of our forum member farmers will give you suitable advises.

Good Idea and in future for, major share of good agri practices will be based on polyhouse cultivation only.

best of luck,  forum member and farmer,  g.p.rao.

Thanks Sir… I would keep asking my doubts here… Thanks again.

Before you go for Poly house cultivation, trained/certified your self, many farmer cheated by the poly house erector/ installer company.
NHM & NHB are the National body and before going to start this project try to involve them to get quality materials and subsidy up to 50%.
For training you can contact HTC Talegaon Dabhade Pune, MS. @ Rs.5000/- …goodluck

Thank You I had been to Training in

"General Green House Management"
in Pune. The Fees will be Rs.5,500/ for FIVE Days Training including Boarding and Lodging.
It is useful and I will Provide full Details after 25th of January 2016, because I am out of station. Send mail to me.


Dear Members,

I would like to seek your suggestions regarding setting up a polyhouse on my land in western up near Shamli district. I have around 16 acres of land where initially I would like to start with 1 acre of gerbera farming. I have 15 lacs of initial capital available along with water and electricity arrangements on my land, but since I am new to this area, I need your suggestions to determine the financial feasibility of this project provided Delhi being the only major flower market which is 135 km away from my place, so I am assuming that transport cost would be too high resulting in the higher input costs.

Also please suggest on the yearly labor cost (how many people would be needed and average salary) and how to source the labor for polyhouse projects.

It would be really helpful if someone can also suggest on the other additional input costs like fertilizers etc. as I would be in a better position to make up my mind and move to the next level of taking up training on this subject from Institute in Gharaunda.

I am also open to your valuable suggestions if you feel like I should start with some other flower/vegetable provided my geographical/market reach limitations.

Thanks much in advance!!

Aman R

Hello Members,

Please suggest on my above post.

Thank you!


I am planning to get into Protected Cultivation.
I am based in Bangalore. I notice that there’s some training planned in Pune at about 5.5K including lodging/ boarding… would be keen to know more about it.
Of course, if the training is available anywhere close to Bangalore that would be highly preferred.


Dear Sri Srini,

You may contact concerned professors of IIHR,Hassargatta, Bengaluru and / or GKVK, Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru and they will help us for green house training. If you  can group some couple of farmers interested in green house, it will be still easy to have, a training programme on Green house.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao ,    farmer.