PKM1 Drumstick

Hi everyone i’m new to this forum and to farming. i’m located in Rahata district of Maharashtra which has well drained black soil. 15 days ago i planted PKM1 variety of Moringa on 1 1/2 acres in a 10ft * 8ft configuration, and will be planting chillies in between 2 moringa’s. I am using an 8 lph dripper and watering it daily for about an hour.
I’ve been following the ZBNF of Mr Palekar and there has been a near 80% germination rate.

My queries:

  • there is high salinity in the water (white ring around the watered area) - the water source is a well…is there a solution besides changing the water source?
  • i wanted to also plant marigold in between two rows (at the 4 ft distance) - is it advisable to do so considering considering it takes about 3 odd months to flower and thats the same time the rains will arrive. Also i believe marigold does not take to the heat well.
  • i have another 50 acres that i want to cultivate but due to a severe water shortage and near drought conditions i am unable to. What are my options?
  • i visited the local APMC and the rates are really low. would it be better to source buyers / middlemen that sell in the larger towns (Mumbai, Pune, Nashik etc) where the rates could possibly be higher. If so how can i go about sourcing these middlemen?
  • drumsticks gets exported - who or how do i go about contacting potential exporters?

Thanks in advance

Dear Sri Morarka,

You said high salinity water. What is the reading .pl get it tested.

You said tgat you have 50 acres land but nearly drought condition.Is it possible to have some water or totally zero.What is the rain fall and is the land is contour or plain.

If details are given in detail, our forum farmers will give suitable suggestions.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Thank you Mr. Rao for your prompt reply.

  • I haven’t yet got the water tested for the salinity and will be doing so soon.
  • Yes there is a possible availability of approx 10,000 litres of water daily but this reduces by nearly half in the months of March / April / May
  • Im not sure of the rainfall figures in mm but google tells me its between 400 - 450mm though the past 2 years have been less than normal
  • The contour of the land is land is mostly plain

Mr. Rao i would like to understand how the sales process work once the produce is harvested and what are the possible channels for sales.


Dear Sri Morarka,

Marketing, sales depends on crop, place of farming, quantity and quality of our farm produce.

If you want to produce Drum sticks in your land and if your land is near to Mumbai, to market your produce, Mumbai is the best place for you .First go to your city market, contact some trader in the auction market,have tie up with him and daily send your produce to him. he will send you the payments for your produce, after deducting his commission,

Think about exports, if your quantity and quality of your prodce is high only.

Thank you mr rao - appreciate your feedback. how can i contact potential exporters? is there a forum or any other resource?


Dear All,
I am too very new farmer decided to do plantation of Moringa plants in Maharastra. I had hear on eof the Drumstick breed Odisi, but not confirmed what its actual name in the market PKM1???
Can any expert may guide me??
what is that Odisi breed of Moringa or Shevga is actually called?

Dear Sri jaijavanjaikisan,  PKM1 is an annual Moringa released by tnau, periyakulam, tamilnadu, and is the best high yielding ,markets accepted, variety in India.          Up      to my knowledge, there is no variety called by name odisi, may be oddanchatra (ODC) variety, a place in tamilnadu where from Moringa marketing is highest. With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,    farmer

Dear Mr. Roa,
Many thanks for your instant reply. It will be great guidance for such new farmers who want to do something other than Mechanical Engineering.
Tanks you Sir, once more. Can you guide which are the other Moringa (Drumstick) export varieties which can give good yield and  have good market and export demand.

Dear Jaijawanjaikisan,

One variety Rohit is also doing well. It is released by sri Baburao Marande, of Maharashtra.Another variety Bhagya also doing well and it is released By agri/Horti university, think Dharwad of Karnataka State.All are Annual varieties.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer