Pkm 1 annual drumstick - 2 rd ratoon - 3 rd year yielding crop

The annual drumstick tree in the picture is 3 rd year crop in 2 nd ratoon … The trees were allowed to branch more  in circular pattern like umbrella and central leader shoot was cut at 2.5 feet height from ground level …The fruit size and individual fruit weight did not get reduced and shown similar characters as seen in first and main crop…

Each tree bore on an average 240  number of fruits with average individual fruit weight of 130 grams .

Spacing - between rows - 4 meters, plant to plant 2 meters
Total number of plants per acre - 500
Individual tree were allowed 14 -secondary branches and 42  tertiary branches and 28  auxiliary branches through out its growth period in a year - 84 branches on an average bore 240 fruits each weighing 130 grams

Total number of fruits harvested were 1,20,000 numbers

Each  tree bore on an average 31.2  kgs

Each fruits was sold generously @ Rs.2 for local vendor …His income was Rs.2.4 lac per acre per annum

Each moringa tree was applied 20  kgs of Well composted Farmyard manure and  40 kgs  of VAM fungi were all mixed with FYM and applied to tree 2 days after ratooning …2 bags of Ammonium sulphate was added on 3 rd and 5 th month in 2 split doses …