Pests in newly planted lemon plants

I have planted one year old Balaji lemon plants exactly 40 days back .The plants had come up beautifully.Before planting I had added trichoderma, psudomonomas,k&P bector, azitobector apart from  neem and honge cake and FYM to the soil since I want to follow organic practice.However,since last week I am finding the new shoots  are being eaten by some pests  and few of the leaves are curled. I have attached few pictures .Request the experts how the pest menace can be mitigated.
Pests on lemon.pdf (880 KB)

Dear Sri Ashok,

For organic farming of Neem plants, you can contact Phalada Agro Research foundation or some of their authorised distributors. They are producing and marketing ‘Triple CIII’, which controls the cater pillars and insects, well.

you can use fresh Neem seeds- 2 kgs, soak them for 24 hrs  in 4 ltrs water, grind them, and filter it. That extract 20 ml, add in per ltr water. This total juice is sufficient for around 200 ltrs water. add spreader/binder to this and spray it on the neem plants. It gives results, if this is done once in a week, regularly.

or, you can also spray Neem oil, which is with 50,000 ppm Azhaderictin content, mixing 0.3 ml in 1 ltr water or mixing 1 ml Neem oil, which is with 10,000 ppm, in 1 ltr water. This also gives considerable effect, if used continuously .

Not proven, but giving good results, by spray of Garlic crush, Green chilly crush etc, and you can try also.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,      farmer