Pest in Sundakai (Solanum torvum)

I have sundakai palnts. but now It leaves are affected by some pests can some body help.

Please post details and pics.

Inserted the pic 

The picture is not so clear. I can make a wild guess: Looks like Aphids.

Solution in organic way:

  1. Spray 5% solution of neem oil with water. or any azadaractin based bio pesticide.

2.  take Tobacco powder or snuff powder 1 portion 2 portions of aloevera leaves. Crush alovera and mix with 6 portion of water. Boil it till it becomes half. Mix with 4 portion of sour buttermilk. Spray it. 1 liter/acre. Intervals of 7 days. three times.

Chemical way
3. Pest controls India has salt based pesticide.
4. spray Chloropyrifos.

Or maybe whitefly or mealy bugs - for which the same solution from Sri should work.