Permaculture / Farming on a 2400 sqft plot of land

Hello All,

I’ve been on these forums for the last two years and have wanted to start something big on a 20 acre coconut and mango plantation that my family owns in Chennai. But work and other commitments have kept me away. So I have finally decided to start doing something on two smaller properties that I own in another part of town.

These are two plots of 40x60 feet each (2400 sq.ft per plot) but they are not continuous. They are located inside of a residential township which has around 1000 plots of similar sizes each, but only about 50 houses have been built. The plot is located barely 2000 meters away from a lake. The entire area is filled with lots of grass and weeds, but very few trees. My guess is that the trees were all cleared by the developer 30 years ago. Site has no access to water or electricity, but I think both of those can be managed in the short term if necessary.

I wont be able to go to the site often, maybe once a month; if that. So starting something that needs a lot of effort, water , electricity is out of the question. What do you form members think I can do?

I want to grow something like a live fencing, what would you suggest for that? Also, what else can I do on those small sites? Has anyone attempted something like this before?

I would love to hear ideas and I’m looking at implementing them soon. The rainy season is nearly upon us, so I’l need to start planing in the next ten days!