Performance of CO4 under coconut shade

Planning to plant CO-4 for fodder under coconut shade.
Did any body try CO-4 under shade and how is its performance?

Any alternate recommendations that can grow well under coconut shade.


How old is your coconut trees? what percentage of light you getting now in coconut orchard to plant green fodder?

Coconut tress are of age 6yrs.

What is the distance between each treesĀ 

Dear Mr. Hari. CO4 is a grass. All grasses are strong light demanders. ThereforeĀ  it can not grow. Only shade bearers can grow under the shade of other trees. However you can try in a small area to confirm my statement.
Siva Sankara Reddy

Dear Reddy,

I have couple of examples of CO4 grown in coconut grove. But I cannot debate on yeild because nobody quantifies the fodder, as you said it needs light for better yeild.

I will post some pictures of CO4 grown under coconut grove asap.

Please do post some pictures. This will be a good information for all.
Siva Sankara Reddy

Thank you.
Waiting for your pictures.


Grass is turned yellow because of lack of water, these grass were lush green just three months back. The distance between trees is 30ft

Let me answer my question and this information might help others.

We planted CO-4 in our 5-6 yrs old coconut plantation and it is really growing well. My observation is that it should have enough water and frequently irrigated or drip irrigated.

Hari Devarapalli

Hello All,

I would like to continue this post. Did anyone try to cultivate CO4 under mango trees. We have few 10 year old mango trees placed at a distance of 20 feet away from each other.

Best Regards,
Mohammed Aarif