Patty Pan, Pattypan, Patisson Squash - Urgent and Important

Hi All
This is an urgent request - Can you please give me an insight or more info like Indian term or Hindi term for Patty Pan Squash, Availability in India and etc. This is real urgent and I would really appreciate any help on this and would be really glad to talk to you over the phone on this.



Patty Pan (C. pepo) is called Chappan Kaddu in Hindi and grows well in north India and it is common vegetable in spring & summer. Mostly it is trailing habit but few bushy varieties are also available. Here are few common varieties;

Early yellow prolific, Pusa Alankar, Australian Green, Punjab Chappan Kaddu-1, Patty Pan (from IIHR, Banglore), etc. You may find some hybrid varieties also.