Passion towards Farming; This could be your destiny

Our strong expertise in Forestry Hill Farming, Break-Even with RoI you can never imagine by harvesting profitable crops in short periods. Investment starting from 7.5 to 9 Lakhs per Acre. Limited Time till 14th April 2019. Returns starting from 40 Lakhs to 1 Cr per 10 Acres.
We provide consultancy for land acquisition, farming (Till you reap profits) and management
Profits : Targeted for specific crops with assured returns; Tissue culture banana, bamboo, gmelina arborea trees, in addition to existing coffee & pepper plantation. Favorable climate & soil for farming with abundant rain, sunlight etc.
Process : Friendly, transparent, trouble-Free documentation, smooth registration & zero tax on your returns Ct +91-8197166668 Perin

Need more info and contact details

please share further details and contact number.

Please connect @ +91-8197166668 Thanks and Regards Perin

Do please contact Perin @ +91-8197166668

Dear Farvestors,
Welcome to the farmnest community as you joined 2 days ago. your post is interesting but it is not clear to the investors such as

  1. Location / state/ country
  2. Type of soil
  3. Ground water table
  4. Accessibility to main road
  5. Investment procedure/single payment/installment type/ dummy investor/
  6. ownership type / owner / lease
    Hope you will clear this points for the support of our farmers & investors.

Best Regards,