Passion towards Farming; This could be your destiny

Our strong expertise in Forestry Hill Farming, Break-Even with RoI you can never imagine by harvesting profitable crops in short periods. Investment starting from 7.5 to 9 Lakhs per Acre. Limited Time till 14th April 2019. Returns starting from 40 Lakhs to 1 Cr per 10 Acres.
We provide consultancy for land acquisition, farming (Till you reap profits) and management
Profits : Targeted for specific crops with assured returns; Tissue culture banana, bamboo, gmelina arborea trees, in addition to existing coffee & pepper plantation. Favorable climate & soil for farming with abundant rain, sunlight etc.
Process : Friendly, transparent, trouble-Free documentation, smooth registration & zero tax on your returns Ct +91-8197166668 Perin

Need more info and contact details

please share further details and contact number.

Please connect @ +91-8197166668 Thanks and Regards Perin

Do please contact Perin @ +91-8197166668

Dear Farvestors,
Welcome to the farmnest community as you joined 2 days ago. your post is interesting but it is not clear to the investors such as

  1. Location / state/ country
  2. Type of soil
  3. Ground water table
  4. Accessibility to main road
  5. Investment procedure/single payment/installment type/ dummy investor/
  6. ownership type / owner / lease
    Hope you will clear this points for the support of our farmers & investors.

Best Regards,

  1. Kodaikkanal, TN, India
  2. Absolutely fertile suitable for most crops
  3. Distributed rainfall all round the year
  4. Varies
  5. Individuals and Investors required
  6. As mentioned above