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After a warm greetings

I’m senthilkumar from Tamilnadu near Coimbatore. We cultivated 3Achre papaya very good quality organically grown. After latex collection. We are going to sell papaya regularly. Any updates about directly buyers. Or any contact information of payers with rate. Please share with me

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9442426965 send me the what’s app

Dear Mr Senthil

What is the price for papaya per kg

I need regular lunch on weekly 500kg

My papaya after latex only. It is okay means. Tell me your price. Then we can finalize the price . Now 10 Ton papaya ready for harvest. If you want 500kg also you can take. No issues.

Dms, why you are not quoting your price, before quoting your price, you are asking buyer what price he is ready to pay. Don’t you think buyer will always quote the lowest price? If your papaya is good quality, then you should demand a good price considering the cost that you have incurred while growing papaya.

In today’s agro market, farmers who are spending money and time on producing have no say in the price determination. This is the reason they are incurring losses. The buyers are getting.all the profit.

Dear Dms,

Also pl explain what is papaya after latex.
I know raw papaya fruit is cut at the neck to remove latex. Latex is used subsequently to process further into papain.

But is it necessary to remove the latex in all papaya? When u cut ripe fruit from tree, the latex will flow anyways… so why this special mention of latex?

Please send me your what’s app number. I will send photos of papaya

Thank you for your reply

Can you explain what latex?

Plz reply



after latex it is not accetable by retail customer since no taste.