Papaya Intercropping In Melia dubia

Could any one please suggest is it ok to inter-crop papaya in Malabar neem. If yes please suggest spacing.

Dear Mr.Bharat …You are certainly right about going for intercropping papaya with melia dubia …Both can be spaced at 2 M * 2 M in alternate row or both papaya and melia dubia can be alternated either side …both come up well but I do not know how this logic will work…Melia dubia is a perennial crop and papaya is biennial crop …after 2 years when papaya crop is harvested the space which papaya occupied will remain vacant  …however the melia dubia will register increased girth due to excess spacing in between …you will be the first to follow intercropping papaya with melia dubia…no problem try your level best