Paddy separation after harvesting

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I wanted to know if anybody is aware of any machine [Small one] which separates paddy from the harvested crop. It would be great if the machine can imitate the old method of beating the harvested bunch.

I do not like to run the tractor over the harvested crops.


Redland Ashlyn had a combined harvestor, you are aware we have already discussed about it. The same stall had paddy trasher or tresher.
If you dont want a mchine running in your field see below video

If you want eco friendly method for harvesting see below video

This is no Joke some farmers in Kerala already using scythe.

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Thanks for the posts.

Yes I had seen this in Krishimela. The scythe is excellent !, Any idea where we can get this.

Also My requirement is for threshing (separating the paddy grains from the straw), I am looking for some machine to do that or a machine which can do both harvesting and threshing. which can be fitted to a tractor or an electric one or a stand alone with a small diesel engine.

Any attachment available for using existing deweeder ? I am having a stihl deweeder


Scythe have to be imported. It needs accurate angle and it comes with peening set also for resharpening.

If you had noticed claas combined hrvester it will suit your requirement but not economical.  you can rent out. But I have limited knowledge on this. Farmers complained that there will be 10-15% wastage.

Hi , … grass.html
I think Importing scythe from West may be a costly affair.

If it is from Nepal then I think it would be easier to get it from there.I will try that.
Meanwhile I figured out that some general attachment is available for 3.5K, if you have a deweeder. Will try that first and post the video if possible