Paddy cultivation - Help required

Hello friends,

I just started paddy cultivation in a small scale (got the bed prepared and seeds have been sown few days back).
My interest is to do organic cultivation and would like to hear from the forum members who has already done it. i.e what organic fertilizers to use, frequency, effective pest management etc.

This is mainly for the consumption of our family and close friends, so not worried too much abt economics…

Thanks you

Hi Biju, I have similar questions and may be you can join the forum on Need paddy farming details which is already active.


Dear Biju,

I strongly recommend psl visit Tribe habitat in Vayanadu which is very closer to you. There is a very famous tribal man, I forgot name and location (will try to trace) he preserve almost all native and medicinal varieties of Rice. Since your cultivation is for home consumption, better we eat healthy and tasty food from the original and native varieties of rice of ancient time. These seeds may be less in yeild but resistant to most of the deceases and produce fine rice. Would be far better than any modern verities…

with best of luck


Sure Srinivas…Lets keep your thread active.


I went ahead with paddy in 2 Acers and the variety I choose was BPT (which the local farmers grow) I am going the traditional way and first sowed the seeds and a couple of weeks back did the plantation. Everything so far was smooth but the expenditure to prepare the land was expensive. I paid 4500/- to the labor for the plantation which 13 people completed in a single day. Will keep posted on the progress. I used 20-20-0-13 fertilizer before the plantation was done and am planning to sprinkle some urea (10 Kgs + 5 Kg Basement) in a week or so per acer.

Any suggestions welcomed.


Hello Biju,
In my humble opinion,  a very promising development in rice cultivation is the method of Root Intensification of Rice. The method has successfully achieved world record yields in rice and wheat and in fact is being successfully applied to other vegetable crops.
Best wishes