Organic Veterinary Health Supplements

Gomata Organics

Manufacturer & Supplier / Exporter of Organic & Herbal Animal Health Supplements

Some of our flagship products -

Cattle - Mastitis, Milk Production Booster & other health supplements

Poultry - CRD, Liver health, Calcium Supplement, Growth Promoter, High Immunity, Weight gain, Infectious diseases, Egg Production Booster, Omega-3 & DHA Eggs, Egg shell Strength, Summer care, etc.

Shrimp & Prawn - White Gut, White Muscle Disease, Liver & Pancreas health, Weight gain, etc

Standard and Specialised Health Supplements are available for all animals including pet animals.

Some Benefits of our products:
Extremely efficient
Very quick acting
Completely Organic & Herbal; no chemicals or synthetic substances added
Very easy to use
24/7 after-sales support & expert guidance through whats app / phone / email
Customised products or blends for your specific requirement
Delivery anywhere in India
Any quantity can be supplied as per your requirement
Proven results

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