Organic shop needs organic food and farm produce

Hi Farmnest folks,
i am new to this group so please guide me about posting messages. I am seeking to buy farm fresh produce, organic foods, agro-processed products from producers for a shop. Prakruthi Organic is a new organic retail outlet in Shivamogga, Karnataka that is opening on 2nd October.

so we require all kinds of millets, red rice, wheat grass, ready-to-eat food, healthy snacks, organic vegetables, fruits, etc. If you are interested to sell your produce, please contact me soon with your product pricelist

Please give ur contact details

Will you also want non perishable pure long shelf life stuff like powders of Naturally grown organic Dudhi / Bhindi / Karaila / Torai Powder / papai / Giloi ? All this has amazing results for daibetis, wait loss, fever infections and many more illnesses

Also we work on Gaumutra Ark from Desi Indian cows which have amazing benefits for more than 40illness.

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Hi Tapobhoomi,
i request you to send your product pricelist to

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Hi Mitesh,
sorry, we have already stocked enough number of powder products and Gaumutra arka. anyway, please send your product pricelist to

Ramesh Rao
Farmer growing zbnf produce.

+91 99009 38105

Dear Monica,
We are ALC India a consultant to 20 farmer producer companies across India, we have non pesticide commodities available but not certified organic. Red Gram, Black gram, Green Gram, Desi Gram, Tamarind are the few commodities we deal with

Hi Vijit,
Where are you located. Iā€™m Rakesh from hyderabad, we grow vegetables, paddy and few pulses. We sell them directly to customers in a farm to fork concept. If we you have any pulses with you do let us know and if it works out we can take some from you.


Hi Rakesh,
Thanks for your reply. yes, your pulses would be needed for our shop. will contact you soon