Organic Farming Project

Dear Colleagues

I am keen to start up a Organic Farming Enterprise & currently dabbling to get as much info as possible…

I am based in Hyderabad & keen to understand if there are any practical workshops et al in this subject here …
I have spent nearly 21 yrs in Corporate world & now am keen to start my own entreperenmeurship in this space… SO am open to suggestions/inputs on going about the same including seeking consultancy for the same …
Appreciate feedback & response


Thank you Dheeresh Sab for a Nice telecon we had with you. There is a short Term Basic training on Organic Farming Near Gujarat from 24th to 30th January 2015.I will ascertain about the accommodation for the Training tomorrow and I will let you know the Possibilities for the same.We can impart basic knowledge on Organic Farming on our side in Hyderabad. Kindly send a Mail to me to enable me to send the Details.

Vasudha Green Farms,,

welcome to the club of corporate turned farmers Dheeresh  :slight_smile:

I have been through this phase just a few months ago (I’m shifting to full time farming after 12yrs of ITES industry). This forum is a huge treasure chest of information. Please use it wisely.

I hope the business approach what wanabe farmers like us will adopt will have a turn around in the way traditional farming is done and our senior farmers will give us their experience. I hope this merger of new techniques and traditional experiences mixed with technology and better marketing strategies will help the entire farming community.

I also would like to tell you about the Kisan Expo which will be held in Bangalore on 9th to 11th Jan. This will showcase all the latest techniques and will make a very good learning for us.

also read this post, very encouraging  :sunglasses: … xperience/

Thnx Nithin for your message… :slight_smile:… & the link, that was helpful

Gives me a a good positive reinforcement… Will try to catch up on Kisan Expo & explore further,


Thanks Manne.SN…Have sent u an email… Hope to connect with u post Sankranti…Meanwhile pls email me the details



Please go through MR.Subhash Palekarji’s books on Zero Budget Natural Farming. This might help you a lot.
You can also watch Maa TV Telegu Channel on every Staurday at Morning 8.00 o clock programme named Bhumiputra, this programme gives you the feedback of farmers who are into organic farming using Mr.Subhas Palekarji’s method. This programme can also be seen in You Tube.

Sir any such telecast in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati or English?
Pls let me know.

Sir no idea.