Organic Farm Inputs

Gomata Organics

Manufacturer & Supplier / Exporter of Organic & Traditional Agri Inputs

Our flagship products -

Traditional Fertilizers & Plant Growth Promoters like - Panchagavya, Kunapajala, Dasagavya, Sanjeevani, Sasyagavya, Vrikshashakti, Anantashakti, Sasysprada, etc.

Traditional Pesticides like - Dasaparni, Brahmastra, Agniastra, Neemastra

Specialised products like - Agnihotra Bhasma, Organic Insecticide, Fungicide, Bactericide, Viricide, Organic Grain Storage Pest Repellent, Dhoops, etc.

Other products like - Pure Desi Cowdung Compost, Potting Soil, Specialised Fortified Potting Soil, Soil-less Potting Mix, Potting Soil Conditioner, Black Soil, Red Soil, etc.

Some Benefits of our products:
Extremely efficient
Very quick acting
Useful for large farms as well as houses
Completely Organic & Herbal; no chemicals or synthetic substances added
Manifold increase in yield & quality
Benefits seen within 2-3 weeks of first application
Very easy to use
24/7 after-sales support & expert guidance through whats app / phone / email
Customised products or blends for your specific requirement
Delivery anywhere in India
Any quantity can be supplied as per your requirement

Please contact for more details.
Phone: 07780563391
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