Organic farm for lease/rent near Solur, Karnataka

We have an organic farm near Solur, Karnataka which we are looking to rent/lease.
The farm is 3 kilometers from Solur on the Magadi-Kanapkura road. It is approximately 50 kilometers from Bangalore (~1 hour drive from Bangalore city center).
The size of the farm is 4 acres and it is organic certified by the Karnataka State Seed and Organic Certification Agency.The farm comes with:

  • Living quarters (one for the landlord + one for the farm-help)
  • A couple serving as farm-help who take care of the day-to-day activities of the farm:
    • Watering the plants,
    • taking care of farm animals,
    • other activities (cleaning, spray, etc)
  • 1 separate building which includes
    • Store-room
    • Shed for cattle, sheep
    • Shed for chicken
  • 2 sheep, 1 calf, 20-25 chickens, 2 dogs
  • Farm tools:
    • Diesel tiller
    • Weed cutter
    • Portable sprayer (16 L)
    • Storage drums (2x 500L, 1x 300L, 4x 200L, other 150L and 100L)
    • Other basic tools (eg. Haari, gudli, sanaki, baskets)
  • Water supply from 2 borewells with drip irrigation to each and every plant
  • A wide variety of plants and trees:
    • 100 lemon trees,
    • 50 fruit trees (including butter fruit, mangoes, jack fruit, water apple, pannerla, amte kayi, custard apple, sweet lemon, jamuun),
    • 60 coconut trees,
    • 50 drumsticks (nugge kayi) plants,
    • 250 guava trees,
    • 1 acre banana plants,
    • 100 areca (adike) trees
    • 500 (5 year old) plantation trees : mahogany, silver oak trees, melia dubia (hebbevu), teak
    • 1000 (10 months old) plantation trees : mahogany, Malaysian saal, sandalwood, red sandal,

If you are interested in renting or leasing the property for a mid/long term duration please send me a private message or Whatsapp me (Vikramaditya) on +32486271296 or call Shaila on +91 8618557089

Best regards