Organic black rice from Manipur available for sale at bulk prices

Chakhao poireiton, a variety of black rice from Manipur is available for sale directly from the growers in Manipur. Details are as follows:

  1. Price-- Rs120/kg ( No GST)
  2. Minimum order quantity-- 100 kg
  3. Terms of payment-- 100% advance by bank transfer
  4. Shipping-- by Indigo Air Cargo with same day delivery; rate of Indigo Cargo is approx. Rs.52/kg

Chakhao poireiton is being grown organically by the farmers of Manipur. It is a medicinal rice and cancer patients as well as others with debilitating diseases have noted a significant improvement in their health after regular consumption of chakhao poireiton. Daily consumption of just 20-30 grams of chakhao is sufficient for therapeutic purposes. Healthy people can also consume chakhao poireiton.

Smaller orders for chakaho are also possible. But shipping rates will be much higher for smaller orders. Pl. contact for further details.

Contact person: Anjali Pathak
E-mail: kokilaksha
Mob: 09450540363