Opportunity to start a career with groundwater detector for borewell point latest technology equipment and training

Dear sir/Madam

Water is the primary important source in the field of agriculture, farming, animal husbandry, home or commercial. Although there are many experts in the field of identifying the groundwater sources, scientifically trained groundwater consultants are in great demand in India and Africa.


We are providing consultations for individuals who are interested to start their career in becoming a groundwater exploration consultant.

Outcome : As a trained groundwater consultant you can provide services in offering groundwater identification and earn in between Rs.50000 to Rs 100000 per month depending upon your smart work…

How to start

We provide a consultation on what are the instruments available with geominax, which instrument is best and based on your budget we select the preferred instrument which can provide good accuracy.

Toatal investment starts from 70000-130000

Available Equipments

GMT 1200- geomagnetic groundwater exploration equipment ( Rs.68600)

  1. user friendly
  2. can be trained in 1 day
  3. easy to handle and operate
  4. maximum depth upto 500 Meters

GMX 600- Geo electric groundwater exploration equipment (Rs.85000)

  1. should be trained
  2. automatic data logging
  3. easy to handle but requires helpers
  4. time consuming but a little more accurate

G3 Pro Kit - A bundle of both geomagnetic and geo electric equipment (Rs.130000)

  1. 2 days of training required
  2. perfect for groundwater study
  3. good accuracy
    4)can be used in any formations
  4. measurement range upto 500 Meters
  5. complete training provided

Geominax is offering a scope of free training for individuals who purchase equipments with us or training workshop focus in various segments.

  1. Basics of geology
  2. Groundwater related subject
  3. Hydro geology
  4. Classifications of rocks and soil
  5. How to specific instruments
  6. complete study of drilling of a borewell and rejuvenation
  7. concept of hydrofracture.

Individuals who are interested in starting up a groundwater consultancy please approach us for a consultation we provide solutions.