Onion and Garlic under drip irrigation

Has anyone tried onion and garlic cultivation under drip?
Appreciate if you can let us know the methods you followed and the results.

Dear Sri Chandra, As a trial i did onion cultivation, Indo American hybrid seed onion variety, during 2010-11. Ofcourse a small extent ( in 6 guntas ). Good results achieved, withdrip irrigation.

Now i am giving you an acres details.

as you know , we can do with seeds,seedlings and bulbs. I have opted for seedlings. seeds are sowed in trays. Beds are prepared with 80 cms width x 15 cms height and with a walkway of 25 cms, in between two beds. In the bed rows, (width ) 4 seedlings are planted at a distance of 20 cms in between and both sides 10 cms left and In the bed (length )at a distance of 8 cms ,seedlings are planted.The total seedlings/Plants per acre will be around 1,90,000 to 2,00,000 nos.

The lateral required is 16 mm size, inner drip type @  15 cms and 2 ltr/per hour capacity. Only in 15 minutes to 20 minutes,  Previously only Netafim and finolux plason etc are manufacturing and now a days so many other companies are manufacturing, which will be at around less than rs 6/- to 7/- per R.M, ( local makes).

Totally you need 7,600 RMS , apart from Pvc pipes, mainline and sublines , and filters etc. It will cost you between rs 60,000 to rs 90,000.

This is practcal and you can try one crop.Pl select good variety seed and do seedlings in trays. A very good yield will come and you can have more crops in future. Ofcourse little investment will be more, initially.

All the best sir,  g.p.rao,  farmer