One more case study of "Palekar Model"

While we are done studying Bannur Krishanappa’s farm, here is one more case study.
When somebody asked Sri.Palekar which is the best example of your method, he suggested Ramesh Raju’s name.

He has a 12 acres of farm in Kuruhatti Village,PandvaPura. 15Km from Mysore.
Recently lot of agritourism is happening in his farm. … apura.html

Sugarcane,Banana, Ginger, and vegitables are the crops used. He has practical examples of Bio digester(jeevasar Unit. Not bio gas producer)
The point to be catched is he never let pure water to crops. It is always from bio-digester.

Anybody wants to visit can contact him 97427 79486, 99863 23317

[color=purple][size=140]Yes, I visited those farms of Bannuru Krishnappa and Ramesh Raju. They are perfect. With those inspirations, I trained many farmers in A.P. You can visit a few. One at Dharmavaram in Anantapur District. Mr. Nagaraju has a beautiful Musambi garden. His Mobile number: 09440746074/8341131171
You can even visit Mr. Anandareddy in Lepakshi mandal near Hindupur for Mulberry, and multiple crops and mango - 909573767065. For Pomegranate perfect model in ZBNF you visit Mr. Anil Reddy, just a few Kms from there. M: 09440552331[/size].[/color]

The numeber of Mr. Anandareddy in Lepakshi, seems to be wrong. Kindly provide me the correct phone number.

I am on a mission to visit as many ZBNF farmers as possible.

Thank you.


Could any one suggests ZBNF model farm in  Tamilnadu Region?


In TN Vanagam is very popular. This method is introduced by Dr.Nammalvar.
See  below links for more detail

One more case study … 890930.ece

Just one question , does the ZBNF system always works well with multiple crops  or we can implement it for single crop.
e.g only Mango/ coconut ???

I am planning to start it as part time, it would be difficult to maintain if I have lot of different crops, hence the question.

No. The foundation of ZBNF is multicropping. You need to have balance of diecot and monocot.

Thanks for the clarification, it means I need to do some research …

Today I have ordered books on ZBNF from Subash Palekarji’s site, will need to understand his system clearly.

Folks see below video, onemore case study of five layer model of ZBNF. I dont have contact details yet. When I have I will post it.

Is anyone looking to sell his ZBNF books? I want to buy them and I dont mind used ones. My only criteria would be that I would need English language books. If anybody interested in selling their set of ZBNF books please let me know.

I vehemently oppose the farming devoid of organic manure.I do not support chemical fertilisers but non use of organic manures in the farm is expecting too much from poor soil.Nature is not commercially exploited every few months compared to farming on commercial scale.In case land is used commercially and no manure is provided the quality and quantity of crops will be biggest sufferer.I have seen results of poor products when tried this action,about 10 years back.The crops so produced (ZBNF) were small in size with poor weight,poor health quality and commanded poor price in the market.The so called organic ZBNF must be positively using farm yard manure or vermicompst etc OR ELSE SUCH RESULTS ARE LEAST EXPECTED AND LEAST BELIEVABLE.Exploitation of land’s productivity desires replenishment of the same with micronutrients,farm yard manure,organic pesticides & copious use of cow urine,neem oil,dhatura seed decoction with bhoot jalauka capsicum etc mixture.I leave it to farmnest members to judge for themselves.ZBNF is akin to running away from serious responsibility towards mother earth’s care and WORK OF THOSE who believe to get results with no sincere efforts.