On the Line of OUr Activity of "PROTECT ENVIRONMENT" Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem) Seed Lings are available for SALE

In line of our Activity “PROTECT ENVIRONMENT” We are supplying Best Quality Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem) Seedlings are available for Sale from 2nd week of June 2020… There may not be any NEED to tell that it is a Fastest Growing TREE in the WORLD.
In View of the Imposition of PERMANENT BAN on Drawing of Wood from the Forests, this Plantation plays an IMPORTANT Role in fulfilling the Need of the Wood Based Industries i.e.Plywood,Packing Boxes,Construction Timber etc. No need to tell that so far there is no substitute for the Timber.Further it is Most suitable for the Absentee farmers, because it is a Plantation of Plant and Forget.

In view of the Covid-19, We are getting the seedlings only against the Pre-Oder. Those Farmers who are in need of the Seedlings have to Book by Paying 75% Advance and the Balance while Lifting the Seedlings from our Farm at Chimaldari Village Nr. Shankarpally.

Orders above Rs.10,000 FREE SHIPPING will be Provided against 100% Payment.Our Nursery @Chimaldari Land 4 Our Nursery @Chimaldari Land 4 Img-3 Our Clients Farm (1 Yr.) (1) Img-3 Our Clients Farm (1 Yr.) (1)

What is the cost per seedling and minimum amount we need to buy?
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