Offer For Poly House Automation

With the Digital India movement striding away to its full potential, there is always one industry that gets neglected, Agriculture. With 58% of India’s population working in Agriculture, there is an urgent requirement for this sector to be digitalized.

At Physiz, we develop plug and play products that can be installed at existing Poly houses to turn them into Smart Farms. Ever so often we hear the term being attached to practically everything, smart home, smart television, smart phone, smart tablet, smart city, etc. Let me break it down for you.

A Smart “anything” is something that is able to make key decisions by itself. These decisions are made by evaluating various parameters and conditions. For instance, in a smart home, an air conditioner runs automatically by monitoring the house temperature. It checks whether the surrounding temperature is less than or greater than the desired temperature and based on that it takes the decision to turn on or off the A/C. Similarly, a light sensor senses the ambient wavelength of the light and makes the appropriate decision to switch on or off the light.

Now that we understand the term “Smart”, let me explain what a Smart Farm how a smart farm operates. A smart farm has its own set of sensors and processing units. These sensors include temperature sensors, humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, lambda sensors, moisture sensors, pH level sensors, and much more.

To illustrate this in a more analytical format, let’s say you want to cultivate lettuce hydroponically at your farm.

In the day, lettuce grows best using this climate recipe-

  1. Temperature: Min - 13°C, Max – 24°C
  2. Humidity: Min - 50%, Max - 70%
  3. pH: Min - 6, Max - 6.5
  4. Light: On Time - 6:00, Off Time - 18:00
  5. Plant Spacing: 12-18 inches
  6. Grow Time: Min - 30 Days, Max - 35 days

These are the basic parameters that a smart farm would check and make alterations as when the values would go out of range. When anything goes out of range, the farmer gets an alert on their smartphone. Now if the smart farm is equipped well enough, the farmer would only check his smartphone and see the changes occur via the Live Feed right from where he is using the software, without having to go to the farm and manually making the changes. If the smart farm is not so advanced, he can go to the farm and make the necessary changes. This would eliminate the daily check the farmer has to do just to make sure things are working the way they are supposed to.

At Physiz, we have developed the necessary hardware and software that a polyhouse would require to turn it into a smart farm. A combination of the world’s best sensors and microcontrollers tightly integrated with our software FarmFeed™, allows the farmer to Monitor, Control and Automate their farms seamlessly.

As an inauguration celebration, we are providing the first 5 Polyhouses that contact us with the entire system, for a subsidised price of Rs. 7,500.

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Do you also provide the ideal data for the crop that we grow?

For certain crops, that we possess data about, yes.

which crops you provide data Please?

Could you please confirm your Smart system only provide alerts ao take necessary action to control the parameters inside poly house i.e. if temp. rises it will start fogger or padded cooling system automatically.

It provides alerts as well as takes automation action if necessary, and this can be manually configured. You can contact me on +919768257443 or +919820438177

Priyank Mody.