Nursery Tray medium / filler/coco pith - where to get?

[size=140][font=arial]I am doing vegetable production in Madurai and Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. Now a days I am doing the nursery activities only in the soil.

Due to some practical problems, now I would like to transfer my self to Nursery tray ( 104 pits)

In this matter, I am in the need of Nursery Tray and the fillers ( compost Coco pith). I don’t know where ii is available. As a farmer, I may need small qty of the above said items ( 100 to 150 tray and its require filler).

Pls guide me to get the above said items (Supplier Details) .[/font][/size]

Any help ?

In Hyderabad, they are available in any seeds and nursery shops. I would assume the same in your towns?

For Cocopeat check with TN coir board. In my place it is sold 3000/- load. You can pack any vloume in any big truck. This is not composted.
For composted they sell  at 2500/- per ton.

Hi I am also from madurai.both trays and cocopith r available at cheaper cost in madurai.mail me ur contact number I will send

Thanks for your reply.

Reg the compost coco pith, I am in need of information. pls help me.

My contacts are , mobile 900 36 22 837, mail:

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See the table in below link

It is advised use composter. it is nothing but bi culture of micro organisms. You can get it from them or you can get it from IIHR.

If you dont use bio culture, composting will take 90 days. If you use it, composting finishes in 40-45 days. + you will have benifical micro organisms and fungi

You can Approach the Sales outlet of Coir Board. Or you can take the Assistnce of  Coir Board Officials in Kerala.

If you con’t get it ,  we will supply the same from Hyderabd.Pl. contact or call 09133498366 for your requirements.

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