Nunaakai plantation

Would somebody have nunaakai seeds? (And other exotic trees for that matter).? I want to try some exotic trees


Please use english or Botonical names. It is called Noni or Morinda Citrifolia. Before you try here are few pointers.

  1. You cannot sell it in open market, you have to sell it only juice extraction companies.
  2. It is moderate perishable, harvesting cannot be done in one go. result you will need to have significant amount of harvest to break even transportation cost.
  3. It is projected as “sanjivini” of modern day, there is a contoversery going on this.
  4. There is a farmer near by me he suggests not to do for others. He took a long time to crack the transportation puzzle. His buyer is 400Km away.

If you are interested in Exotic fruits see below


Soans Farm Rambutan,Mangosteen, so on…

IIHR Bangalore,
Egg Fruit, Arka Sahan Custerd Apple


Teja Nursery Bangalore
Waterapple, Creeper guava, Blue guava, Pulasan, Mangosteen, Barbadose Cherry, Jaboticaba, sweet tamarind so on.

Ther is one farm from Maharashtra, I have forgotten the name of the farm, Their website link is available in some of the threads here i will search and give you.