Nualgi Foliar Plant Food Supplement


my company is selling to big farmers an unique product - plant food supplement called Nualgi Foliar, based on nano technology.  the main carrier in this product is silica sand.  the product contains 12 minerals essential for accelerated plant growth.  the highlight of the product is that it is immaterial what the soil condition is as we have inverted the plant feed program from that of fertilizers to micro nutrients for the plant through its leaves.

we advise the farmer to discontinue usage of fertilizers and insecticides as Nualgi Foliar is making their usage secondary.  the plants get all their food requirements from their leaves, which come less than the cost of other farm inputs, i.e., it costs only rs 800/- per acre once in 21 days.

i attach a lot of supporting documents for your study.  whenever you are ready with your tulsi farm, please do not forget to try our product at least in one acre and see the difference.

if you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


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Third Party Credential…Jasmine flower trial.pdf (1.41 MB)

Introducing Nualgi-Foliar-Spray …A total solution for plant nutrients.pdf (995 KB)
Field Trial of Nualgi Foliar on Tea Plants by BBTC Tea Company.pdf (25.9 KB)

If the product is as beneficial as you say it is, i would love to take trials on my capsicum plants

Please provide us a way to procure your product


hi, sorry for the late reply. been visiting farms promoting my product as the sowing season is nearing, could not spend time at the web.  anyway thanks for your interest.

you can order your requirements by remitting the cost of the order @ Rs 1150 per 500ml including taxes, p&h.  one container can be dissolved in ratio 1:1000 clean water (please note tht this is an improved product over what was sold couple of months back - this had a ratio 1:500).  this is good for one ha. of crop and you need to spray once in 21 days on the leaves. since rains are coming, please make sure it does not rain for another 4 hours after you spray the foliar.  spraying has to be done either before sunrise (most preferable) or when it is a cool sun (say after 4 pm). we ship a minimum order of 4 containers.  please calculate for minimum 2 sprays you need the food supplement multiplied with acreage and place your order at then we will tell you the manner to remit cash.  we despatch by surface courier all your requirements on the same day we receive payment.  you will get your shpment any time between 4 and 10 days depending on distance from delhi.