No Water source...can I go for Horticulture?

Dear Gurus’ + Enthusiasts - Need advice!

I am a newbie to farming (have some experience in kitchen farming in 4000 sq ft as hobby).
We have 10+ acres land near Malegaon(Nashik), but dont have proper water source. (1 borewell, but not in use since last 2-3 years)

Nearby farmers are growing Pomegranate by sourcing water from ground water + river bed 3-4 kms pipeline  (the river has water 6 months in a year)
Can i think of Rain harvesting + Farm ponds + Borewells ?
I am interested in drip irrigation + Shade Net/Poly house farming for vegetables with 100% focus.

Looking for your kind inputs to get into this Natural way of Life!


Horticulture can be grown with rain-fed irrigation itself.  I personally know (have seen) that it is possible to grow Horticulture in this way.  I suggest you to allocate 10% of your land for storing rain water which can be utilized for growing crops.

Vegetables need more water.  Unless you have sufficient water, avoid vegetables.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear Sri Pankaj,

You can do Green house/Poly house cultivation , with Rain water harvest.

You make a green house, 1 acre and construct a reservoir pond of size 20 mtr w x 40 mtr l x 4 mtr d in 8 guntas ( 20 % of an acre ). Initially fill the reservoir with Either canal water or others bore well water. in the rainy season, this reservoir pond will be connected to the gutters of your green house and will filled with your rain water , comes out of the green house. Pl see that the reservoir pond is lined with 300 or 500 micron poly film in bottom and top is covered with 75 % or 90 % shade net.

In one year, the rain water collected from your green house can be around 24,00,000 ltrs water to around 28,00,000 ltrs ( nashik area, depends on rain fall  ), which is very much sufficient to grow crops throught the year in one acre green house , in general.

Like wise you can make any number of green houses with a pond as stated above with each green house of an acre.

Any doubts pl inform and will be cleared.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Sri Rao,
Thanks for your reply

Some queries

  1. Can vegetables (coloured capsicum, tomatoes, exotic vegetables) be grown with this arrangement?

  2. I have heard that reservior pond fail due to damage to the poly film by animals or some other activity… are there solutions to protect from such instances?

  3. What is avg cost per acre for
    Green house
    Poly house
    Shade net

Awaiting your kind guidance

Thanks and regards

Dear Sri Pankaj,

  1. You can comfortably grow Colour Capsicum, like red, yellow, orange,violet, etc,  Indeterminate Tomatoes like, Beefstack/Cherry tomatoes etc, and also most the Exotic vegetables in Green/Poly Houses with a reservoir/Rain water Harvest pond.

  2. Yes. There will/may be damage to the reservoir pond, poly film lined ones, but easily managable. Be carefull with mainly rats. You can give fencing all around the pond. Arrest the tress passing to the extent possible. Just regular watch by you or your persons , can easily maintain the pond safely.

  3. Naturally vented green house and poly house are same. Its construction cost is approximately between Rs 600/- to rs 700/- per sq mtr x 4,000 sq mtrs per acre. shade net house costs you around rs 170/- to rs 200/- per sq mtr x 4,000 sq mtrs per acre.

Best and internationally well known, reputed green house constructing companies are existing in your Pune only.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer.