New to Farming


I am Anurag working in an IT company in Indore.I own 10 acres of land around 50 KM from Indore in Barwaha tehsil Khargone district.
I am planning to start farming on my land without leaving the job.Right now our other family member producing soyabeen,Cotton in kharif season and wheat in rabi season using conventional method.
But now i want to start farming with different crop like vegetable,onions,ginger etc using organic method and in hotricultre way.

But i have following concern before moving to organic farming from conventional method.
1.How would i come to  know  which crop will be most suitable for my land.
2.Will it be feasible to start farming form conventional method to organic method on whole land(W.r.t financial perspective)
3.What are the initial steps needs to be taken(As before ruby season i am planning to start farming).
4 what challenge  i may face during farming?

Other information
Soil type-black solil
Wate availability-2 borewell
Climate-Khargone has a tropical wet and dry climate and a humid subtropical climate.
Summer is extremely hot and dry and it lasts from the mid of March till mid of June with the temperature above 40 C during April May,
during these months the dry and hot wind blows in this area widely affects the local ecology. The temperature also remains quite high during the night. The monsoon season arrives in late June, with temperatures around 29 C.
Rainfall of about 36 in, the rainy season is humid and experiences considerable rainfall. . Dry, mild and sunny winter enters in mid-November the average temperatures is about 4-15 C, but often falls to freezing point during the night.