New to farming. Suggest me how to start


I just bought 4 acres of agricultural land near Vandavasi, Tamilnadu. It is just plain land without any well or power supply. Planning to apply for power supply n dig a well. Once done, i plan to do the following. Suggest me whether it is right or wrong and also suggest any other good practices.

  1. Plant teak along the border
  2. Plant casuarina for atleast 2 acres
  3. Plant fruit bearing trees in the remaining area
  4. Dig up a farm pond for around 5 cents

Suggest me the subsidies or benefits that i can avail from the government.

Thanks in advance.

Just a thought- dont think about subsidies and benefits because thy take a lot of time to happen. you must look at your plan and make the investments which you need to get the farm going. Also please do the Soil test and if possible work with someone from TNAU to help you with the planning of horticulture crops you would plant.

thanks Sir. I will go ahead with my plans. Just thought of getting an idea of the subsidies.

Dear Shankar

As you mentioned that you are planning to plant few Huge trees like Teak wood, casuarina, and even fruit trees, Good thought, but have you ever thought of investing in huge amount on those trees which you won’t get ROI in short time,
For that, I would suggest going small 3-6 months cash crop which you will get your small investment with little % of profit which will give you confidence going for longer duration plant-like(Teak, casuarina, Fruit-bearing) trees you mentioned
All the above trees will take minimum 3-4 yrs to get yield, keep it in mind and decide


I agree with comments from Kumar. Trees are long term return. If you can wait that long then it is ok. It is beneficial for you to do financial calculation on expenses over the full period and return before doing anything.
Alternatively you should think about crops / livestock that would give a combination of short term, medium term and long term returns.
If needed you can contact me managoor at Gmail com

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Kumar Khandekar

Sure sir. Will try. Is there any short term cash crop that you suggest?

sure sir. Will do.

noted sir. will contact you soon.

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