New to farming Help Needed on Jamun farming

  1. I am new to farming
  2. I have purchased 13 gunta land near Hoskote for investment
  3. I intend to sell after 10 years, but I want to use it to get some decent returns
  4. I plan to plant 16 Jamun trees, can I manage to grow them w/o bore well & drip methods ?
  5. I am willing to purchase water tanker and hire local farmer to water my saplings 15 days once during non-rainy seasons. Is my plan right or wrong ?
  6. Plan to dig 3x3x3 pits using JCB (16 pits) fill them with manure and plant saplings in coming monsoon 2018.
  7. Where to get BEST Jamun variety saplings ? What is the mortality rate / failure of jamun ? need details

Any advice WELCOMED please share mobile no. so that I can discuss ! mine 7483087071
Thanks in advance

for a jamun farm you dont need irrigation all year round; make sure you water them in the first 04 months, after the first rainy season they will survive without irrigation. The mortality rate is very low, the main cause of failure of jamun tree is leaf cutting ants. So make sure you have a good leaf-cutting-ant control during first years.