New Poly House - questions

Hello friends,

Am from Mangalore, Karnataka. I’ve been in a family run seafood industry for nealy 7 years. Before few months, came to know about polyhouse farming and felt very interesting and eco-friendly to me. Since then i’ve spent lot of hours browsing and reading the available datas. Now am planning to have a polyhouse. Kindly let me know the initial cost for constructing polyhouse, wtr any subsidy is given by government of karnataka. What should be the specification for soil then temperature etc… Awaiting your helpful replies.

Thanks & Regards,
Devdas Pai.

Hi Devdas,

Please search for polyhouse on the forum and you should see a lot of discussion. Feel free to post specific questions after review.


Hai ! I am new to agriculture. I want to cultivate Capsicum in 1 acre of land using with modern agriculture technology.
First of all how much money do I need (in hand) to start POLY HOUSE construction?