New Irrigation process with existing drip setup

[font=trebuchet ms]Here is a new way to save water or irrigate plants this summer .Magic drip is an water emitter which can be buried under soil beside the roots delivering the water and nutrients straight to the plants. The best way to water plants is do it it the traditional way but when is scarcity of water The magic Drip helps a lot.[/font]

[font=trebuchet ms]*Saves water
*Keeps the surface dry and reduces weed growth
*Plants receive the nutrients that the weeds absorb
*Can be installed for trees, Garden plants etc

  • Highly customizable
    *Easy to maintain
  • Manually water plants or let the water drip[/font]

Here is a link on the installation procedure

Can you provide the commercials of Magic Drippers and/or T Joints for 1000 pieces each.

These T joints does not look the generic one used for connecting laterals, are they same or specially designed for Magic Drippers

Hi, The t Connectors and the laterals are the generic ones… The magic Dipper costs Rs.10 Each , INR.10,000/- for 1000 drippers.