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Hi all,

I bought a piece of land in nearby resort community (Pragati) outside of Hyderabad. Want to start with fruit trees. Essentially, over the years I want to get myself & young kids have exposure to agriculture. Because of resort community setting, the security is pretty decent and so it allows us a few more liberties in choice of construction.

At this place, I want to build a weekend getaway home, about 400-500 sq ft 1BR + Kitchen + 1bath. Open to all ideas on what is the cheapest & durable form of creating the house and have a stretch budget of Rs 5L.

I request your indulgence in giving feedback & look forward to learning from you all. Please share any builders who specialize with cheap and local building material.

Some of the questions in my own mind

a) what is the right choice of granite/bamboo/bricks/laterite for building structure ?
b) For roof, what kind of titles should I go for?
c) For flooring, what kind of flooring offers cheap choices ?


Checkout Eco-Architecture under “Library”.

Even Auroville, Pondicherry does these type of eco friendly, low cost constructions.

Thank you. Do you happen to know any consultant/builder  around Hyderabad who can help me on this ?

There are lot of material available on internet for cobhouse, bamboo house, etc…  I could not find a suitable  contact so far in Hyderabad!

However, please try your luck with  You may also try contacting Architect Bheemesh (The Living Spaces).  I have no experience with both these contacts. But I see some materials you are looking for in their websites.

Best of luck!



Precast can be one of the option, I was also looking for similar options, and I found if you plan to have a single floor and no future possibility of going next floor, then Precast works out to be cost effective.

The price I got was around ~Rs 150/sq feet only for side walls. so a house of 10 feet length/ 10 feet breath/ 10 feet height. 10x10 = 100 Feet each wall x 4 sides = 400 SFT worth of Precast.

So in short Rs. 60,000/- for bare walls and if you have multiple rooms, you will save one side each extension. 2 rooms of 10x10 will have total 700 SFT.costing Rs 1,05,000/-.

This cost includes one window, one door, plastering inside and outside, flooring but no roof. Roof costs extra based on your choice of roof like colored sheets, asbestos sheets or aluminum sheets.

Good Luck

All Members,

I am also planning to build a Farm house in my New Farm Land near Suryapet, Telangana Dist.

My plan is to have a ground floor with 1 BHK with Store room for farm Supplies (700 Sft Approx.). In future I may expand to first floor with a plan of Bamboo House.

Also I am open for any better ideas to go with.


there is a dedicated forum on this topic check below link, you can use farmnest id and password.