New farming venture : Land selections Opinion needed

Dear Friends,

As usual this year also in my vacation continued to find out suitable land for my farming project. Seen 9 lands and finally shortly listed 2 as follows

  1. Place is boundary to forest and hill in Achanpudur, Nr Shenkotai Tamilandu

Enclose photo graphs, please guide

a)  Soil type?
b) How can be safe guarded farming from wild animals including elepehents . I have seen elephents  in the land when I was there

Above land does not have any open well or electric connection.  We need to start from scratch with some challenges. A small stream of river passing on border to the land and am sure this land would have good fertile and water table due to proximity to the forest land.

  1. Another location  I have selected is just behind Dharni sugar factory, Vasudevanallur

Few questions ; Soil is looks like sandy alluvial, however land has free connection and open well which shows aprx 8-10feet soil depth.

Whether such soil is suitable for all type of crops
how the water table level in this area
how this area for farming and what type of crops can be tested

any more guidance/openions on this land ?

please help

Location1: In your place I would have ruled it out. Soil is not so good, bigger issue is elephants.
Soil: This type of soil needs frequent irrigation(almost every day). This is best for coconut. Not so good for tubers.

When you have luxury of choice go for red soil(no gravel), second choice is black soil.

when someone gets a legacy land they will not have choice of soil, but will have when you purchase a land.

Dear Sir,

Location 1 ; well noted suggestion. however the soil photo shown is the pathway. Real photo of soil will be uploaded shortly.Have test report of soil of this land and will share shortly. the adjourning lands have pure red soil.

My question is for elephants and wild animals can the farming done in Solar fencing ? or still it is not safe.

rajan mathew

Animals behave different in different places. Elephants in my place thrash the fencing, coffee estates have failed to keep them away. How they thrash fencing? interesting story. They bring tree branches, topple the poles. when the wires gets short the system shuts down.

I did not bileive this untill I saw this on TV coverage.

For elephant zones, you can have solar fencing to protect to small extent. Then add a siren to this which will alert when the fence is down.
We have experienced first hand what Sri is saying, till couple years back, there was 1 intrusion every week, now it has become rare due to water shortage.
when siren starts shouting, you can go and find out where they have entered and drive them away with lights, firecrackers, or vehicles.


I agree; elephants would be an elephantine problem - best to avoid than fight it everyday. Soilwise, the surface maybe very different from how it appears when you dig a bit.

The soil in the second location looks good to me. Actually slightly loose soils are great if you can irrigate the crop well enough. We call them ‘dubba soils’ in local parlance.


If there is elephants, go for Medicinal Plants like Rosemary etc which the elephants nor the boars will disturb.

The second place is near sugar factory…check whether the water is contaminated before buying this land.  Otherwise, you will end up not able to do anything.

One more point. Next time you visit any land make sure check below points

Nearest electric line: This dent your pocket, there are instances spent more than 6 laks for poles and new laying line.
Nearest Village: If there are no nearest village, you have to provide tranportation for labours.
Nearest Industrial area: if there are any of industrial area, chances of extension i.e. aquiring is more. You would have paid a premium price, but during acquisition there will be lesseer value than market value is paid.
Nearest Lake: you may think that if there is a lake and  ground water will be rich, this is not true in all the cases. Only advantage is that you will get cool breeze when wind blows.

Dear Friends,

Thank you Bahyya,

As you said the Land is nearer to Forest .There is every possibility  of Damage of Wild animals even you put any type of Fencing. The soil seems to be Sandy. As seen from the topography of the Land it is not GOOD Ground Water Potential Area. It si better to have the Land nearby Village instead of near Forest, even though it is small Forest.

for Vasudha Green Farms,

Dear Sirs

the 2nd land is under review and really keen to buy some land to put my dram project of integrated farming.  Am planning Coconut, lemon and fodder for sr  no. 2

Am aware it is sorry to ask your openion repetedly on photographs. I will be testing soil shortly but before that can you please suggest looking on photo graphs whether soil is suitable for Cocount, Lemon, fodder and small onion for short time crop.

rajan mathew

Thank you Bhayya for your Confidence Kept on our services.

First you get the Soil Tested. Based on the Test Results you can choose the Crop. As seen from the Image 3 you have Posted showing well may not be suitable for Coconut, because it seems the soil depth is not much.  For Coconut Plantation the soil depth should be at least 10 FEET.Moreover Coconut can be grown at river basins where soil depth is more. Where the Lands with Irrigation on the Borewell/Openwell  are not suitable.Coconut needs more water. If the Land showing open well is is the same as that of the other  land  is not suitable for Plantations. You can grown Banana and vegetables.

Anyway unless we see the Land it is not proper to advise.If you Provide the following we could be able to advise something.But don’t go for coconut on the Irrigation is based on wells.

1)Kindly Provide.  2)what is the  depth Loose Soil .3) Soil test report duly taking the soil up to 6 Feet Depth.

Thank yo With Best wishes,
Vasudha Green Farms,,

The photographs show “Panai” (Palmyrah) is growing in nearby lands.  So, this land is good.  I am unable to zoom in further but I  think there are coconuts in nearby area.


Thanks for your comments/reviews . More fresh photo attached.

rajan mathew


I know the TN Govt has provided Guideline Value for the land.  I would like to know whether there is a benchmark on the market rates compared to the Govt’s rate.  How do you fix the rate of the land?

The owners may quote a big amount but as buyer, do you have any ceiling or something similar before buying.


Hope you have seen more photos I have posted,. Awaiting your review on this.

Regarding buying land in TN,  from my experience so far most of the rural places the government land price is very high, So actual buying price would decided basis market prevailing rate. Finding suitable rate, 1st of viability I believe any land buying more than 3-4lacs per acere would not profitable for agriculture. Second survey with various farmers, locals…etc. The best method I adopted to survey land price check with various brokers, understand about area and make friendly with pan shop/tea shop owners near by. Condition that go to tea shop/pan shop only in very very desi/normal attire either by bus or bike, … We can get maximum true facts on this method.

rajan mathew

The soil is good and the photograph already shows coconut growing very well.  If the price is good, go for it.

Thank you Sir Mathews Sab what Mr  Mr.Padmanabhan_ganesan Said is Correct. The tall trees are Palm Trees and  the tree Plantation at Far of Place seems to be  Coconut.Before taking a decision you see  its coconut yield of those those Plantations. As seen from the soil structure of your Land there is not much depth of loose soil. If the soil structure of the  coconut plantation is the same as to that of your Land, definitely there will not be much yield.Moreover coconut needs much water and Borewell water and Open well water are not sufficient. Think it off once again before going to the Plantation.
Vasudha Green Farms,,