New farming venture : How can counter some specific issues?

Respected Members,

I have sought opinion on two land selections in a separate thread. Economically I found option 1 which is 20 acere close to bush forest and hill just below to western ghat in Tenkasi, Tamilandu. Land is plan filled with bushes and throney plants. It has read soil and and good water table. This land always has wind and temperature is quite normal compare to other parts of Thirunelveli, Tamilandu. Neighboring farms have cultivations of coconut, banana, mango, and gooseberry . A small stream of river passing through side of the land and have mud path road access to the land. Just 10km from city area and hence logistic also found reasonably good.

The main disadvantage to the land,there is vast empty land in 2 side of land extending till the forest land in hill.  and that land has water availability always. so aprx 17 elephants strolling in these land after sun set.  They have not attacked any neighboring farms so far but am in deliama and hence seeking your opinion.

Veterans like Sri and seniors have already advised against this land, however I would explore more possible solutions whether we can afford to make the project workable. A proper planned farming protected with trenches and solar fencing as well as live fencing can protect or not ?  Some local people says elephants are there because since ages these lands not accessed by human beings much so once people started to work on these area elephants will go back to forest. Any sense on such suggestions? Land costs are increasing day by day and any land with proper road access and water availability is beyond affordability for farming now.

My aim is to develop this land in 5 years to give sustainable and steady income and expect a integrated farming can get it success in this land .

your views and guidance please.  Pros, cons, challenges,solutions…etc pls.

rajan mathew

This is not correct statement. Elephants attack farms mostly in summer. When you have lush green crop and forest can supply them only thorny bushes and dry leaves. When elephants attack farms they eat less destroy more. So in summer it happens exactly opposite what people said there.
May be the land owner or broker would have told you that story, he is promoting his property.


If you are looking to grow long term crops in your land with 5 year plan with elephants around the corner, then nothing can protect you, no fences and no security.

Its better to explore more options and take something else. This will be land which you will continue to have for long time and in case you wish to dispose, let me tell you it is very difficult to find buyers for property with wild animal involvment. And that is why this option is so attractive.

One more thing with elephants, if they somehow die in your land, you go to jail, so better to avoid at all costs. It happened here, elephant died due to some problem and owner who wasnt even there in his land at that time is in jail now.


The topic is very interesting,specially so when wild life interference is sure in such land.Though given an opportunity I wont recommend forest linked land to be purchased but in case some one has purchased such land,it should be treated as extension of forest land. The crops should be tall and strong tree varieities e.g teak,bamboo,creepers etc.I have my land where langoors,blue bull menace exists .The option is to keep strong bull dogs who can run around and make the blue bull and langoors leave the site.In addition the andrographis peniculata(kalmegh) is so bitter that no creature on earth will touch it.Creepers like malkangani(jyotishmati) is a strong creeper which is strong enough to bear wild attack.Mucuna pruriens(kaunch) is another creeper which is strong enough and bears fruits in December to Feb end .During those time no wild animal attack will come.Growing tuberous crops in such lands is very remunerative as they can not be destroyed through trampling.Only wild boars may damage it.