New Farmer - Need Advice On Crop

Hello Everyone,

Its nice & very helpful to have a community for farmers online, learned a lot related farming, fencing etc. from reading the discussions here.

I have bought around 5 acres land few months, it has around 1.5 acres of mangoes trees and remaining 3.5 acres is vacant land. There is borewell with 2.5 inch water and 2 open wells that dries in summer. The soil is black red with good fertility and water retention.

Also, the farm is around 25kms from my house so it can’t spend time everyday to maintain the farm.

I am thinking of planting Guava at first, but not sure its good decision right now as i find lot of other farmers are doing the same now.

So, i need your advice on what is the best crop to grow with not heavy maintenance so that i am make good return in next couple of years.

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Hello, Congratulations. It is inspiring to note the information you provided. I am also placing efforts to join the community, however still in the process of identifying, selecting and buying the right piece of agricultural/Farm house land.
As per my information you should get the soil tested first. Your location also matters means it is the coastal area or dry land, Maximum and minimum temperatures, etc. Still, in case of fruit plants are the inspiration you may go for Mulberry, Jamun(Malabar Plum/Black Plum), Drum stick(Moringa), Amala(Gooseberry) and also Lychi and Beal fruit (wood apple). I hope you find the info useful.

Hi Arvind,

Thanks for your reply. Yes your are right about soil testing will do that soon. Currently there are some Mango and Sapota Trees on this land and its growing well.

Anyway I will update with complete details along with soil report.

ya that will be cool.

M901.pdf (1.2 MB) M902, M903.pdf (2.4 MB)

I got soil test done. These are for 3 different lands first one has mango trees and 2nd test is for land where teak plantation is done and harvested after 15 years and 3rd test is for another vacant land with some coconut tress and also looks less fertile as weeds itself not growing in it.

Also i am finally planning to try dragon fruit plantation under teak tree shade to protect it from summer heat.

Hope it works out well will keep you updated.