New dairy farm start up, need suggestions

Dear friends,
I wish to start a 20 cattle farm comprising 8 cows and 2 buffalows to start with initially and double the strength gradually by the end of first year as the yield of first lot starts decreasing.
I have 11000 sq ft of farm land situated on highway 16 kms away from Bhopal city. I can increase the herd size gradually upto 50 to 60 in same location and later can shift to some big farm if need arises to expand further. I have good electricity and water supply and adequate funds.
I am totally new to this field but very eager and enthusiastic to start this new venture.
I am also planning to go through ojt in already running 125 cattle dairy farm near by town for few days

Need valuable suggestions and encouragement from all the experianced and learned members of this forum, specially on automation part. Dos and donts, and how to start the journey smoothly in best possible way.Please feel free to mail if you can help with any relevent information.
Mushabbir Zaki

Check the following threads … resources/ … airy-farm/

It has lots of information and almost anything you would need to begin, then everyday is learning experience.


Thanks Nilhil