New bug on the farm

Can somebody tell me what is this bug and what needs to be done to eradicate this?

Is this the velvety soft shiny creature that folds up and acts dead when you touch it?

We used to play with these in school and I notice lots of them in uncultivated lands. I don’t know the name but I never thought they were pests! Are they eating up any crops?

I guess we are talking the same bug. I would not try to control it if it causes no harm.  :wink:

Dear Mr,

I  am also seeing the bug first time. Some mealybugs are there with  cotton like appearance. First check

wheather  the bug is causing any damage. If not plse leave the poor creature.

Chemical also use to control this bug

(Cypermethrin (25%) -  100 ml  /Chlorcyhalothrin (5%)- 50 ml + Kerosene -40 ml ) mix well - pour to

200  lits water then add 25 gm soap powder  and spray on your field all will die- plse ensure that if it

damaging your crop, if not go ahead with the above step.

Second is biocontrol method to kill the eggs/ nymphs


Cooked  maida flour -3 kg + Sugar 3 kg + Jaggary 2 kg +Cooked chicken waste -5 kg + add

beauvaria -250 ml + Metarrhizium 250 ml + Verticillium -250 ml – in 200 lits water for 10 days.

Then take  10 -20 lits of above in 200 lits water + Sugar 1 kg  – and spray whole field -gradually

eradicate all adults, nymphs etc

Thank you
Good luck

If I recollect correctly, this belongs to the spider family (with 8 legs) and is not a bug technically.
Certainly not a mealy bug.

Dear sir,

If it is a spider in my experience  will not harm our crops, but the same time kill many of agri.pests.

For Farmers spiders are good biocontrol agents. Plse check  wheather  the spider causing any

economical lose /threat to  people definitely we can erradicate , If it is friendly  to  don’t kill the poor


Thank you
Good Luck

Yes, this is the Mr. Mite we are talking about! Clearly a friend of the farmer.

Thanks hydrogyan and certainly your wikipedia search skills are better than mine!  8)

Thank you my friend.

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.

I like your saying Hydrogyan :slight_smile:

The bug which you want to eradicate is sincere friend of farmers.It digs deep and remains hidden in the soil.It enhances the quantum of air circulation in the soil & eats harmful insects like any spider(without creating web like spider).In the Hindi speaking belt it is called ‘ram ki gudiya’(doll of Lord Ram).It is a very shy,slow moving creature.Mostly it comes out during rainy seasons forming a small row of few such  creatures.Kindly understand that it is a farmer friendly creature.Please do not think of removing such creatures.As such man has damaged nature due to his ignorance.I shudder at the thought of finishing such precious specie from soil