Needed help progressing with cultivation

hello members

i have 3 acres of land in tirullar district chennai. i am planning to do the agriculture. i have given the sand for soil test . based on soil test .whom should i connect which vegetables can be cultivation

Pls help me on this .

What is your water source and how much water is available?

Hi Prakash,

Where is your farm located in Tiruvallur?  What is the current situation of the farm?

Generally, vegetables can be grown in all types of soil especially with sandy soil.  If you know the soil type, you can check with the KVK of your district and they may assist you.

Alternatively, while testing the soil itself, you can ask for details like what type of crops can be grown and if your interest is vegetables, you ask them about it as well.

Thanks for repely my land at thirumazhisai


What is the meaning for kvk . one of my relative cultivated muskmelon and cucumber

KVK - Krishi Vigyan Kendra , if am not wrong .


Krishi Vigyan Kendra Address for Tiruvallur Dist…

Dr. V.Jayabal
Programme Coordinator,
Krishi Vigyan Kendra,
Dist. Tiruvallur – 602025

Both of the above mentioned vegetables are good for summer sales.  You can plan for this in your land next season.

i have attached the soil test .ple help me what vegetable can be cultivate in my farm
soil test.pdf (275 KB)

From the soil report, I do not know what is your soil type.

You should ask the testing company to provide the range for the individual elements so that anybody (or you) can understand whether you are in the right range or not.  This should be against the soil type.  Then only it makes sense.

I have sent you a PM as well.