Need suggestions on natural farming


Since admin Chandra has deleted my earlier message, i’m posting again with an authentic question. I didn’t have time yesterday, that’s why i had shared our facebook page’s link so that experts answering my questions here will have a reference, pics of our farm.

Anyway, We have been following ZBNF for two nand half months now. We have been 50% successful so far. Actually I don’t know whether to call it as success as we are still hoping that things will work out better. We have planted yalakki banana in 4X8 distance and as intercrops, we have planted marigold, drum sticks etc, all as per Subhash Palekarji’s method. along with that, we have sown more than 20 varieties of vegetables.

We have regularly been giving jeevamrutha, Neemastra and Sour butter milk, along with occasional agni astra and brahmastra.

I feel there is lot of pest attack in our farm. Experts say that is because the land is still getting used to this method. Worst hit crops are - lady’s finger, radish, water melon, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower (of course the last two, we have no complaints as we know that they are problematic)
We have excellent results with ridge gourd, bitter gourd and cow pea, apart from leafy vegetables.

the questions i have are:

  1. We have too much weed. Till now I have not got direct answer from any one that whether weed deters the growth of crops? People say we shouldn’t let the weed come, instead we should do one or two of mulching etc. We have done live mulching and straw mulching. Still weed is there. Growing vegetables or sowing their seeds is very difficult in too much weed.

  2. The shape and size of the vegetables is not uniform. For example, water melon is longer and cucumber is round.

  3. Is there any formula to sow the seeds next to each other in vegetables? as in the case of monocot and dicot, is there any vegetable to be grown in alternative sequence to other vegetables? Because we have sown radish in one line continuously and in multiple lines like that and similarly other vegetables, dedicated lines for each. (our photographs will give better idea on facebook page given below)

  4. Can we fill the complete farm with vegetables, not leaving an inch of land? I know walking will be difficult but forgoing the loss of crops stamped on, can we practically sow everywhere?

  5. Any other tips to keep the pest away?


My previous message:

This is not an advertisement. Please visit our facebook page and like it. This is about natural farming that we are carrying out. We need time to time suggestions and comments from the learned and experienced people.



Thanks Vinayak. As you may know, you can attach pics to posts - which will help members get a better ‘picture’.

I know Chandra. But my selfish motive was also to let people see and like my page which is a genuine desire. A lot can be done when people are supporting, just like your website is going great guns with the help of participation from people.

I called it not an advertisement because i don’t want to sell anything to the people who like my website. But suggestions can pour in only when people know about something like this.

That’s all. No offense and I do understand your position.

Kudos you are doing great job.