Need suggestions for profitable farming for an Orpahanage

We are in the processing of acquiring 1.2 acres of land near Palamaner for setting up of an orphanage.
For the orphanage building, we would need about 0.2 acres leaving us with 1 acre of land for cultivation.
Is it possible to get a net profit of Rs 1 lakh/acre from the 1 acre of land? This would help fund part of the expenses for running the orphanage.
The soil is a little red and temperature is moderate - close to Bangalore weather.
Any suggestions on what type of crops would be suitable?

Dear DDs

If you need Regular income then you will need to divide the plot and plant Quick-maturing Vegetable Varieties
some of which can be even used as a part of food that you will be providing for the orphanage.

below are the crops that mature fast and has a market year round

  2. Beets
    6.Red Amaranthus etc