Need suggestions for a failed borewell

After hiring a geologist for identifying spots for bore well, we started drilling a bore well.
The geologist mentioned that the water table can be found between 700 and 750 feet.
But when we started drilling, we did’t find any trace of water until 915 feet and we stopped drilling
as the driller mentioned that chances of finding water are very low.

When we contacted the geologist he mentioned that since stones were found at around 400 feet, asked us
to wait for a few weeks as we could get water in this gap.
Is this possible or is the geologist trying to cover his faults?

Any other suggestions?

Hello dds,

Are you sure he is a geologist and not a random water diviner?

Because geologists make sense.


Saravana Kumar

Yes, he claims to be a geologist with several years of experience. He charged me Rs 8000 for identifying the spots.

Most of the cases these diviners claim tall.

Have you managed to verify his credentials by visiting couple of the farms where he has previously divined before committing to him?

Nevertheless, unless the water table improves in the area, expect little or no water from the well. You may have a recharge pit constructed and collect some water during rains. But you need enormous amount of water to fill up your 900 ft odd well.



This particular diviner has over 18 years experience and claims to have accurately predicted over 8000 bore wells.
He now says this could be due to either missing target or diversion of upstream somewhere before it enters our land.
He is suggesting blasting 2 feet below dry gap.
Would this work?

Hi @dds /Other farming friends,

Can you please suggest /PM me a good/reliable geologist contact details based on your experience. My existing borewell is almost drained and I am looking for a new point. And how they are going to charge? Based on the number of borewell points? or based on the area they are looking? Can you guys please help.

My farmland is 75 km away from HYD on Srishailam highway.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi, they are the techniques and proven that dried borewells are also get recharged. Please check this video