Need suggestion to make new coconut farm

hi i am planing to plant coconut trees in my land in mysore its abt 2 acers i wanted to the best verity like the hibreeds wich gives eild in 4 years an how many trees in one acre land

You can get planting material from BC farm, Mandya. There is a research centre for coconut. Other than this google with keyword “deejaysfarm”. I heard they have developed specialised verities.

You can plant at 30feet spacing 49 trees/acre. this is good spacing for any intercropig. If you dont have intention of intercroping you ca go for 25 feet zigzag pattern. you can plant almost 70 trees.

In general 30x30 is widely followed.

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We are indeed Deejay farms ""
Deejay has developed hybrid coconuts called Sampporna and Pushkala

Sampoorna Hybrid
General Purpose Hybrid
First flowering in 24 months after planting
Upto 250 + nuts per tree per annum
70 trees per acre .
If harvested for coconut water yields about 30% more per acre 
7 Month Old tender coconut yields about 500 ML water
Copra content aprox 200 gm per nut
Aprox 5 MT Coconut per Hectare per year
Aprox 8750 Copra per Hectare Per Year

Ideal for Tender Coconut water
Flowering by 26 Months
Upto 350 Nuts per tree per acre
7 month tender coconut yields about 600 ml water

  • Conditions apply for peak performance.

Please check website

Manohar G

Hi Manohar,

    Can you share your mobile number. I would be interested in a few Sampoorna hybrid.


Dear Agri lover,

pls visit their web site, lots of information to learn and can view their telephone numbers.

If any farmers have hands on experience with Sampoorna hybrid, please share their testimonies for help others.

A question to Mr Manoharg, Please guide whether Sampoorna hybrid can be successfully cultivated in any cliamte conditions? I prefer to cultivate in kerala (Kottayam) as well as Thenkasi, TN area. Pls advise whether Thenkasi climate and land scape how gives yeild to Sampoorna? When we plant 70 seeds in one acere, how many tress can sustain till crop? percentage of mortality please guide.

awaiting your guidance.

rajan mathew