Need suggestion - size of coconut farm

Hi All

I am new to this forum. I need your suggestion and advice on coconut farm which I am going to start within 3 to 4 months. I thought of buying 3 to 4 acre coconut farm (already grown and searching within 7-8 lakhs for 3-4 acre within south and north kannada - Karnataka) and also want grow banana & some other crops.

Please clarify is this amount of land is sufficient for living me. I am thirty years old now.  I really passionate and to start full time farming work.

I am in a dilemma that will i get success if I do really hard work. Please suggest me as much as possible to enter this new world.


Hello Buddivanthare?
1 Acre is enough for a family of 2+2 to live happily with full time agriculture and returns from it for your entire family to lead happy life in any part of Uttara Kannada. My friend is earning Rs.2500/-in a day from 38 guntas of land in which he used 6 guntas for his residence in Sirsi taluk.

It is very simple to note that you decide how many products from agriculture need for you to consume in a day? How can you depend yourself only with Coconut? You know monkeys problem is very often in uttara kannada area? You should have maximum possible crops to maintain biodiversity in your land as we consume more than two dozen of food items in 3 time food consumption in a day.

Yo can very well get land for the amount you coated, but you  need to decide where to stay, but within your land is must to stay.
Wishing you all the best.

Welcome to the forum.  4 acre coconut farm in 8 lakh, you simply will not get it.  You may have to double or quadruple your budget.  You may get dry land in that budget.

It depends on what you term as sufficient?.  You should be able to make a decent living out of 4 acres.  It would be almost 24/7 work unlike another Job.

Again success is how you define.  You can certainly grow coconut/banana and any other things in your farm if you have good soil and required

Heartily welcome you to farming,  but, please note that its not that Rosy as painted.  Be prepared for hard work and some intelligent marketing for your produce.

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